Puerto de Mazarron

Mazarron sits in a wide bay overlooking the Mediterranean and it has a 30-mile coastline. There are two town centres of note: Puerto de Mazarron and Mazarron, our bungalow is in the latter, which is 4 miles (a 10 minute drive) inland. Although Mazarron has been popular with holiday makers for over a century, only in recent years has the Port achieved it's identity as one of Spain's most attractive holiday resorts.
The coastal areas of Mazarron boast some of the finest beaches in Spain, and the generally untouched nature of the coastline and countryside appeals to those who seek a tranquil environment for their holidays. The main bay in Pueto de Mazarron is enclosed by the mountain ranges of Sierras Moreras, Almenara, Algorobo, Lo Alto, Muela and slightly further to the North, Sierra Espuña. This gives Mazarron Bay a "microclimate" which invariably results in better weather than the rest of Spain. Puerto de Mazarron boasts more than 300 days of sunshine every year.

The beaches and promanade in Puerto de Mazarron are all excellent for wheelchairs. The promenade has been recently paved and as such it is all level and smooth. There are several ramps from it leading to the beach (each with its own shower which is useful for brushing the sand off your chair when you exit the beach) and there is also a wooden pathway across the beach so wheelchair users have the oportunity to dip their feet in the sea if they choose to. There is a disabled 'porta-loo' on the beach itself (as you can see above) and there are also several disabled toilets on the promenade. I also managed to find a disabled toilet in one of the cafes on the promenade.

The wooden pathway and porta-loo on the beach is removed off season and is only present in July and August each year.