Door widths are not measured by the frame to frame, but the actual space that is available for someone to get through.

Front door 820 mm, back door 820 mm, kitchen 760 mm

Back bedroom 750 mm, front bedroom 706mm, bathroom 706mm

Bed height from floor to top of the mattress: back bedroom 570 mm front bedroom 470 mm

Space between the underneath of the bed and floor: back bedroom 35 mm, front bedroom 270 mm

Height to top of sink in bathroom 820 mm, height from floor to underneath of sink in bathroom 700 mm, height of toilet 420 mm. There are no extended tap handles and no full length mirror in the bathroom. You can see your face in the mirror while sat in your chair at the sink.

There is a roll in shower with a seat. This is at 480 mm. The seat has arms and there is also a drop down rail.