Internet Access

The Villa has Wi-fi internet access installed. The broadband service is supplied via cable from a company called Carthagosat who have an office in the Country Club. So your iphone, tablet device or laptop will all work wirelessly. You will find the network key in the sandy coloured file in the drawer underneath the TV on the TV page.
If you prefer to use your laptop using a wire then you can do so by connecting the long grey cable in the drawer under the TV. Both ends appear as shown opposite (this is known as an RJ11 lead). One end goes into one of the 4 available yellow sockets in the back of the white receiver (above) and the other end plugs directly into your laptop.
Opposite is a picture of a laptop wired up to the broadband service on the dining room table in the villa but please note the laptop is not supplied. If you want to use the service you are free to do so but you will need to bring your own laptop.