Back Bedroom
Front Bedroom

The back bedroom is a large double room. It has a small double (4 foot) bed in it as you can see above. This bed is electrically adjustable. The base bends in five positions allowing for better movement control and many different sleeping positions. Sections can be raised or dropped using the remote control whilst you are lying on it. The remote control is attached to the adjascent 'floor to ceiling' pole for ease of reach.. There is a grab bar on the wall next to the bed which can be used to help you adjust your sleeping position as well and there is a light with switch attached to this grab bar so darkness can be achieved independently to sleep. The bar and light are behind the curtain in the picture above. There is a rubber mat by the pole to stop your feet slipping on the tiles when you transfer to the bed.


The front bedroom (pictures above) looks out on to the front patio and is another double room. It has two single beds that can be bolted together to form a large double bed if required. There is the bedding for both. Let us know what settup you prefer when booking. Like the back bedroom it has built-in wardrobes containing rails and hangers for storing clothes as you can see below opposite.

There is also a chest of drawers by the wardrobe to provide extra storage space if required.

There are electric heaters in both bedrooms to provide warmth in the winter months.

The back bedroom room has a fold up single bed in it and so the room can make a comfortable twin room also.

Both bedrooms have large ceiling fans.