The bathroom is small and would not be suitable for a powerchair. It does however have a sliding door which does create extra space. The toilet bowl is a standard size and there is a drop-down rail between it and the shower seat (as you can see in the picture opposite). On the wall adjacent to it there are 3 rails, one vertical and two horizontal. (in the picture opposite you can see blue and yellow towels hanging from these) The shower seat was imported from the UK and is of a kind recommended by the occupational therapy service. There is a drop down rail to the right of it (as you sit) to aid your balance when sitting. The seat is positioned to enable wheelchair users the choice of transfering to the seat from their chair or showering in a showerchair and folding up the seat to the wall.

The sink has nothing below it and is quite small to allow more space within the room as a whole. There is a cup holder, a soapdish, a towel rail, 2 wire tray holders and a glass shelf all within reaching distance of someone sat in a wheelchair facing the sink. There are mirrors running from the sink all the way up to the lights, as you can see opposite so a wheelchair user can see their face. There is an electricity shaving socket.


The showering area has a rail and two curtains around it and two horizontal grab rails on the wall adjacent to it (The wall facing the camera in the picture opposite). These grab rails can be used to aid transfer out the shower if you chose to tranfer to the shower seat. You can see one of these rails in the picture opposite (just to the left of the shower rail).

The bathroom is completely tiled and the floor tiles are all non-slip. There is a choice of shower-head runners to suit showering while standing or while sitting. There are two reachable holders for all your shampoos and gels.

There is an alternative outside shower and sink just outside the back door. This could prove useful if 2 people need to wash or shower at the same time. The shower water washes away in no time.

The showering area outside the back door provides a comfortable alternative to using the bathroom.